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PHONE: 360-259-0702


Rent our games for your event today! Olympia Pinball Rentals will provide you with fast service, affordable prices, and a large amount of rental options for your party.

Our Daily Rate:

  • $300 for First Pinball Machine

  • $275 for Each Additional Pinball Machine

Olympia Pinball Rentals has A rental minimum of 2 Pinball Machines


Olympia Pinball Rentals BUYS, SELLS, AND REPAIR Pinball Machines and Arcades

Delivering to cities near you! Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Centrailia, Tacoma, Seattle, Seatac and more.

Olympia Pinball Rentals pricing includes delivering and setting up the machines, and pickups when event is over in our delivering radius (There may be a delivery charge if the event is outside of our general radius.... inquire).


We offer special pricing if we are delivering machine to a private home with NO STEPS, we offer a reduced rate of $275 for first machine and $250 for additional machine!

If your machine has to be delivered up or down a flight of steps add $75 per machine to the rental price.

Wanting to Rent a Machine, Fill out our Rental Agreement with the games you would like to rent to make the process faster! The PDF attached below.

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·        Twilight Zone

·        Dr. Dude

·        Rocky and Bullwinkle

·        Sopranos

·        Dracula

·        JunkYard

·        Mustang Premium

·        Metalica

·        Hobbit

·        Bad Cats

·        Card Whiz

·        Ghost Busters Premium

·        Kiss

Arcade Games

·        Ringer

·        Ms Pacman

We are always adding NEW Pinball Machines & Arcade games to our list!

Olympia Pinball Rental's Pinball Machines
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